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 +====== DMX ColourStyle 512 ======
 +{{ :​colourstyle512:​colourstyle512.png?​200|}}
 +[[http://​www.modelighting.co.uk|Mode Lighting]] are a leading manufacturer of electronics for architectural lighting. Products include lighting control systems for incandescent,​ cold cathode and LED lighting systems.
 +While working with the company, I architected and implemented the firmware for the DMX [[http://​www.modelighting.co.uk/​index3.asp?​sideid=1&​id=547&​set=2|ColourStyle 512]] Lighting Controller Unit – Embedded C++ for the FreeScale ColdFire featuring an animated iPod-like LCD menu framework, a DMX and analogue lighting sequencer system with sound-to-light support, a file system for flash storage, with Telnet and HTTP interfaces.
 +===== Gallery =====
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